ENERPARK’s products are essential for the safe use and efficient operation of electricity.
Leading innovation in R & D and electricity to secure the world’s best electrical technology.

Build a Global Energy Platform

We continuously endeavor and research for the safe use of electricity in all living environments and industries in the world.
We are doing everything we can to ensure the safe use of electricity that is essential to our lives.

Active R & D

Through active R & D
“Electricity can be safe.” under the goal
to protect human safety and property.
Pursue innovative technology development and commercialization.

Transparent management

Through transparent management
create new values,
customers become the standard for corporate management
we pursue the first-class company that our customers trust.

Efficient sales management

Through efficient sales management
business of the first customer partner company
presenting an innovation model and running together,
pursue a company that achieves together.

Innovation in the electric business

Enerpark is revolutionizing the global electrical industry.

Enerpark continues to promote R & D for the safe use of indispensable electricity in all living and industrial environments, and provides products with global competitiveness in a more effective way.

Electric capture surge protector device

  • Leakage current shielding
  • Leakage current absorption and reduction
  • Prevention of electric shock
  • Lighting surge shielding

Electromagnetic waves-noise surge protector device

  • Electromagnetic waves shielding, absorption and reduction
  • Noise shielding, absorption and reduction
  • Leakage current shielding, absorption and reduction
  • Prevention of electric shock
  • Switching surge shielding

Arc surge
protector device

  • Arc fire detection function
  • Leakage current shielding
  • Leakage current absorption and reduction
  • Prevention of electric shock
  • Surge shield


ISO 9001:2015 & IS0 14001:2015

Certification Scope:
Design, Development and Production of Electric/Electronic Components
(ECSPD: Electric Capure Surge Protector Device and ENSPD: Electromagnetic Waves-Noise Surge Protector Device)



  • [Patent Number] 10-2073128
  • [Title of the invention] Distribution terminal block to prevent electric shock risk by leakage current when electric outlet is immersed in water


  • [Certificate Number] No. 2020-07
  • [Registration Number] SS-C-0018
  • [Name of Certificate] Disaster Safety Product Certificate
  • 2020. 06 ~ 2022. 06
  • Certificate for business registration: 747-81-01261
  • Location: 1110ho ,Gwangmyeong SK Technopark B Dong, 60, Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
  • Information manager: KANG, CHANG JIN
  • TEL : +82-2-2083-1388, FAX : +82-2-2083-1389, E-mail :