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Our company has a production plant in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.
Monthly production is over 100,000
Delivery date is 15 business days after deposit of product order.

The life of the product is more than 5 years.
Most of the product’s own LED lamps do not work properly
You can see the replacement time

The warranty period for the product itself is 1 year.
However, we do not guarantee any problems caused by careless storage or problems during delivery.

It does not matter whether it is 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The earth leakage breaker prevents accidents caused by overcurrent, or more than the rated current, flowing in the electric circuit.
It is a terminal to block the flow of hazardous current. Used for the same purpose as old fuses, but for disposable fuses
Compared to this, there is an advantage that the earth leakage breaker can be used continuously.
However, this product has no function to cut off electricity and shields leakage current caused by various factors.
It is a terminal block that has a function to reduce and prevent electric disasters such as electric shock.

1) Understand the basic contents through proposals or videos about products (see our website, YouTube)
2) Acquire sales strategy and installation manual through purchasing and training demo kit.
3) Install it at your own or close acquaintance’s house, factory, etc. to gain confidence through hands-on experience.
4) Collect and share data through installation work to create your own know-how.

The head office focuses only on product development and production.
And since we do not sell products directly and there is no agency system, we never receive funds directly.
The head office manages only the sales offices that have obtained an authorized contract after completing the training course and the special headquarters directly under the head office.
Only these sales organizations sell this product.
However, these sales companies and the headquarters’ special sales headquarters may have their own agency system.

As there are hundreds of sales organizations through vendors, there is a conflict between organizations during B2B sales.
May occur. In order to prevent such conflicts in advance, the marketing division of the headquarters headquarters
Share and manage. Therefore, B2B sales that are not shared with the head office are in conflict with other companies.
You may not be protected

As there are hundreds of sales organizations through vendors, conflicts between organizations during overseas sales
May occur. In order to prevent such conflicts in advance, the marketing division of the headquarters headquarters
Share and manage. In particular, overseas sales include organizations or branch offices (or copyright holders)
In addition, unlike domestic sales, there are separate overseas marketing regulations, so it is essential that you
You should proceed after consultation.

Our current policy does not have exclusive rights such as regional rights.
However, there is a demand for exclusive rights by industry, sector, and company as well as regional monopoly rights.
It is increasing. The need is recognized to some extent, but another victim may
It’s a matter, but we are not considering it now.

Our products use frequency modulation compensation and “0” potential to absorb leakage current through absorption and shielding of electric fields.
This is the world’s only multi-functional, electric shock-free terminal block that can be shielded. For more information, please visit [SUPPORT] on the website.

Currently, the head office focuses on product development and production and does not conduct basic training.
Each vendor, etc., is conducting its own training, and through the homepage or band,
Related materials are uploaded from time to time. However, installation training, etc.
Training is provided only when requested and required by the head office.

The most important thing is the mind you want to do.
If the technology of our products and their ripple effects are recognized and there is a mind to win the game
Please visit our head office for consultation. You cannot sign an unlimited number of sales contracts.
The contract is awarded only to the appropriate number of vendors.

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